A few things to think about while preparing your application…


Please include a one-page letter about what you want to achieve during your time at Sage Hill. This letter is important. Where do you believe you are with the quality of your writing, what do you want to do with it, and how do you think your writing can improve? In plain terms, we want to know how you feel about your writing and what you want to do about making it better.


Be personal.

Be honest.

Be genuine.


Do not exceed the number of pages and requirements — the jury will stop reviewing your submission at the maximum requirement.


Application fee


The fee to apply to a Sage Hill programme is $50.00. This fee can be paid through Paypal or by mailing a cheque to: Sage Hill Writing, Box 1731
, Saskatoon, SK
, Canada, S7K 3S1.


After you’ve applied…

We will contact you after the jury has come forward with its decision regarding your application. Once you have been accepted to a programme, you may pay your registration fee online.


You will automatically receive an e-mail confirming that your Application Form arrived at Sage Hill.

We will contact you if we did not receive your supporting documents.



You have to hit SUBMIT twice, once for your application and again if you are using PayPal.

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Application Form

please call 306-652-7395 at any time for clarification
Programme * Emerging Writer Workshop - Wayne Grady & Merilyn Simonds
Spring Poetry Colloquium - Don McKay
Poetry Workshop - Steven Heighton
Fiction Workshop - Alissa York
Fiction Colloquium - Miriam Toews
Non-Fiction - Denise Chong
Digital Storytelling - Ellen Moffat

Personal Information

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Please identify any special medical, dietary or physical requirements that might be pertinent to a healthy stay in Lumsden (anything entered in excess of 500 words will be deleted).

Emergency Contact Information

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Submission Guidelines

  • all non-media text materials must be on 8 1/2 x 11 paper including photocopies of any published work, chapbooks, newspaper clippings etc. Electronic submissions must also be formatted to 8 1/2 x 11.
  • submissions must be typed, double-spaced for prose and can be single-spaced for poetry, using a 12pt font, preferably Times New Roman
  • do not use post-it notes, staples or odd sized sheets as all submissions must be photocopied for jury
  • surplus pages will be discarded and not considered by the jury
  • please keep a copy for your records as applications will not be returned
  • any manuscript that does not meet the above criteria will not be considered

Application Package (Must be submitted with this registration.)

One section must be completely filled in. *   PDF and DOC/DOCX accepted. Please be patient while your files upload. Try to keep file size total under 2 MB

Emerging Writer Workshop

a one-page letter of intent stating your interest in creative writing, where you feel you are with your current writing projects, what would help make you a better writer, and how you would like to do that while at Sage Hill:

5 page sample of writing

a writing project you would like to work on at Sage Hill and if you have one, a literary resume although this isn't a requirement:

Workshops & Colloquia: Poetry, Fiction, & Non-fiction

letter of intent that includes a self-assessment of current writing ability, an outline of your project, and what you hope to gain from your time at Sage Hill Writing:

12 page sample from manuscript you intend to work on during the programme

5 page sample of previously published work

literary résumé

Spoken Word Workshop

letter of intent that includes a self-assessment of current writing ability, an outline of your project, and what you hope to gain from your time at Sage Hill Writing:

up to 12 pages of writing you intend to focus on during the programme

3 previously performed pieces. For text files, upload Word docs or PDFs; for audio files and video files upload a word.doc with hyperlinks to audio or video published online, or e-mail us to set up another method of delivery, such as DropBox. If you're mailing a hardcopy of your application, files can be received on discs and USB keys.

résumé of relevant experience and accomplishments

Digital Storytelling Workshop

letter of intent that includes a self-assessment of current performance and writing ability, an outline of your project, and what you hope to gain from your time at Sage Hill Writing:

up to 12 pages of writing you intend to focus on during the programme

upload 1 page that describes how you imagine your text coming to life in a digital platform. Why do you want to explore this text digitally with Sage Hill Writing and the ICCC?


You may apply for the one scholarship you feel most qualified to receive.


This is a separate application and adjudication procedure, but must be included in your programme application package.


Deadline for scholarship applications is the same as the programme for which you are applying, so please include your scholarship application when you apply.


Applicants may also query organizations such as local art councils, cultural offices and service clubs in their own community for other sources of support.


Saskatchewan writers may be eligible for assistance from the Saskatchewan Arts Board; contact the Literary Arts Consultant (306-964-1163).


Scholarship Application Form (optional)

Scholarship/Bursary Applied For:

Additional Information:

Please attach a letter outlining your reasons for seeking a scholarship, as well as identifying any scholarships or awards you may have received in the past to attend other writing programmes (PDF or DOC/DOCX).

Payment Method *

PayPal (which accepts all major credit cards)

PAYMENT FOR PROGRAMME (please hit the arrows on the tab below)

Payments made through PayPal:

Mail or Courier
Sage Hill Writing Experience
P.O. 1731
Saskatoon SK. S7K3S1

Suite 718-601 Spadina Cr E
Saskatoon SK. S7K3G8

Decline need for recipient signature if sending via courier.

  • please refer to the submission guidelines above as the template for style submissions
  • pdf(recommended) or Word documents only please
  • emailed application and supporting documents in any other form will not be rad or adjudicated
  • you will be informed within 24 hours that we have received your application and supporting documents
  • if you do not hear back, please call 306-652-7395 or email
  • emailed applications must include the $50 application fee (mailed cheque or PayPal) to be adjudicated
  • email address:


All entries must be postmarked or received by application deadline