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Things you’ll need before applying…

All applicants will need to provide

  • a bit of personal information
  • an emergency contact’s information
  • a letter of intent toward the bursary for which you intend to apply (check here for the list of bursaries)
  • a credit card, PayPal account, or cheque for the Application Fee

Colloquium & Workshop application packages must include

  • 12 pages of your writing (five of which ought to be published, and the remaining seven can be works-in-process that you would like to develop while at Sage Hill)
  • a one-pager about your interest in creative writing, the reasons for taking this course, what you hope to gain from attending Sage Hill, and how you feel about the samples of writing you are submitting
  • an outline of your project, include your intentions and expectations as they relate to your writing work
  • a literary CV

After you’ve applied…

We will contact you after the jury has come forward with its decision regarding your application.


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