Book List

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Author Title Genre Year
Tina Ahokas Great Expectorations Poetry 2000
Martha Attema A Light in the Dunes Fiction 1997
Kimmy Beach in Cars Poetry 2007
Kimmy Beach fake Paul Poetry 2005
Kimmy Beach Alarum Within Poetry 2003
Kimmy Beach Nice Day for Murder: Poems for James Cagney Poetry 2001
Jacqueline Bell Burning for it Poetry 1998
Erin Bidlake The Goddess Count Poetry 1999
Joe Blades Open road west Poetry 2000
Joe Blades River Suite Poetry 1998
Nicole Brossard Museum of Bone and Water Poetry 1999
Michael Bryson Thirteen Shades of Black and White Short Fiction 1999
Diane Buchanan Ask her Anything Poetry 2001
Susan Calder Deadly Fall Fiction 2011
Anne Campbell Angel Wings All Over Poetry 1994
Anne Campbell No Memory of a Move Poetry 1983
Norma Charles Run Marco Run Fiction 2011
Norma Charles Bank Job Fiction 2009
Norma Charles Chasing a Star Fiction 2009
Norma Charles The Girl in the Backseat Fiction 2008
Norma Charles Boxcar Kid Fiction 2007
Norma Charles Sophie's Friend in Need Fiction 2004
Norma Charles Runaway Fiction 1999
Hilary Clark nth Poetry 2003
Hilary Clark The Dwelling of Weather Poetry 2003
Hilary Clark More Light Poetry 1998
Hilary Clark Two Heavens Poetry 1998
Ronald John Clark Stepping Up to the Station Poetry 1990
Lynn Coady Saints of big Harbour Fiction 2002
Sharon Drummond Wysiwyg Poetry 2004
Sharon Drummond Into this Room Poetry 2001
Paulette Dube Playing The Hand Poetry 1996
Paulette Dube The House Weighs Heavy Poetry 1992
Jannie Edwards The possibilities of thirst Poetry 1997
Cecelia Frey Prisoner of Cage Farm Fiction 2003
Cecelia Frey Songs Like White Apples Tasted Poetry 1998
Bermice Friesen The Book of Beasts novel 2007
Bernice Friesen Sex, Death, and Naked Men poetry 1998
Bernice Friesen The Seasons Are Horses short fiction 1995
Susan Andrews Grace Ferry Woman's History of the World Poetry 1998
Susan Andrews Grace Water is the First World Poetry 1991
Heidi Greco Rattlesnake Plantain Poetry 2002
Heidi Greco Chickweed Poetry Collection - Multiple Authors 1999
Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen Clay Birds Poetry 1996
Louise Halfe Bear Bones & Feathers Poetry 1994
Maureen Harris A Possible Landscape Poetry 1993
Carla Hartsfield Your Last Day on Earth Poetry 2003
Jan Horner Enraptured mothers, lost brides Poetry 1996
Karen Houle Ballast Poems Poetry 2000
Ken Howe Household Hints for the End of Time Poetry 2001
Maureen Hynes Rough Skin Poetry 1995
Mavis Jones Her Festival Clothes Poetry 2001
Donna Kane Somewhere, A Fire Poetry 2004
Barbara Klar The Blue Field Poetry 1999
Barbara Klar The Night You Called Me a Shadow Poetry 1993
Treena Kortje Variations of Eve Poetry 1999
Judith Krause What We Bring Home Poetry 1986
Sylvia Legris Circuitry of Veins Poetry 1996
Sylvia Legris Pathological Lies (and other disorders) Poetry 1994
Sue MacLeod That Singing You Hear at the Edges Poetry 2003
Sue MacLeod The Language of Rain Poetry 1995
Harold Macy The Four Storey Forest 2011
Hannah Main-van der Kamp With Averted Vision Poetry 2000
Hannah Main-van der Kamp The Parable Boat Poetry 1999
Hannah Main-van der Kamp A Gift of Ruin Poetry 1995
Mary McDonald Another end of the road Poetry 1999
Susan McMaster Uncommon Prayers: A Book of Dedications Poetry 1997
Susan McMaster Learning to Ride Poetry 1994
Susan McMaster The Hummingbird Murders Poetry 1992
Isa Milman Between the Doorposts Poetry 2004
Lorri Neilsen Glenn All the perfect disguises Poetry 2003
Emilia Nielsen Surge Narrows Poetry 2013
Alison Pick Question & Answer Poetry 2003
Alan Pickard Evidence Poetry 2002
Al Pope Bad Latitudes Fiction 2004
Marie Powell Mendenhall Dragonflies are Amazing! Non-Fiction 2007
Henry Rappaport Dream Surgeon Poetry 1974
Bruce Rice Daniel Poetry 1988
Ruth Roach Pierson Where No Window Was Poetry 2002
J. Jill Robinson residual desire Short Fiction 2003
J. Jill Robinson Eggplant Wife Short Fiction 1995
J. Jill Robinson Lovely in her Bones Short Fiction 1993
Carol Rose Behind the Blue Gate Poetry 1997
Daria Salamon The Prairie Bridesmaid 2008
Shirley Ann Serviss Model Families Poetry 1992
Sandy Shreve Belonging Poetry 1997
Sandy Shreve Bewildered Rituals Poetry 1992
Sandy Shreve The Speed of the Wheel Is Up to the Potter Poetry 1990
Bren Simmers Fire Lookout Poetry 2004
Gwen Smid Mary's Atlas: Mary Meets Manitoba Children 2010
Gwen Smid Mary's Atlas: Mary Meets Manitobe Children 2008
Steven Ross Smith Flutter Tongue 3 Disarray Poetry 2005
Birk Sproxton The Hockey Fan Came Riding Poetry 1990
Kate Sutherland Summer Reading Short Fiction 1995
Joan Thomas Turn of the Story Short Fiction 1999
Richard Van Camp The Lesser Blessed Fiction 1996
Bernadette Wagner This Hot Place Poetry 2010
Fred Wah Loki is Buried at Smoky Creek Poetry 1980
Paul Wilson Dreaming My Father's Body Poetry 1994
Paul Wilson The Fire Garden Poetry 1987