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Alumni Publications A-C

Abdou Angie Anything Boys Can Do Thistledown Press
Abdou Angie The Bone Cage NeWest Press
Abdou Angie Between Arsenal Pulp Press
Ali Anar Baby Khaki’s Wings Viking Canada
Anand Madhur A New Index for Predicting Catasrophes McClelland and Stewart 
Andrews Grace Susan Philosopher at the Skin Edge of Being Signature Editions
Andrews Grace Susan Love and Tribal Baseball BuschekBooks
Andrews Grace Susan Flesh, A Naked Dress Hagios Press
Andrews Grace Susan Ferry Woman’s History of the World Coteau Books
Armstrong Kate  The Stone Frigate: The Royal Military College’s First Female Cadet Speaks Out Dundurn Press
Armstrong Moore Tammy Bogman’s Music Anvil Press
Armstrong Moore Tammy Year of the Metal Rabbit Gaspereau Press
Arnal Caitlin hausgebacken Transition Magazine
Arnal Caitlin Magical Pain Transition Magazine
Arnold (under Calder) Susan  To Catch a Fox BWL Publications Inc.
Arnold (under Calder) Susan Ten Days in Summer BWL Publications Inc.
Arnold (under Calder) Susan Deadly Fall TouchWood Editions
Arsenault Elaine MOINEAU Éditions du Phoenix
Attema Martha A Time to Choose Orca Book Publishers
Attema Martha Daughter of Light Orca Book Publishers
Attema Martha When the War is Over Orca Book Publishers
Attema Martha Hero Orca Book Publishers
Attema Martha The Paper Wagon Orca Book Publishers
Avasilichioaei Oana Abandon Wolsak and Wynn
Avasilichioaei Oana Occupational Sickness BuschekBooks
Avasilichioaei Oana feria: a poempark Wolsak and Wynn
Avasilichioaei Oana Handwerk Beautiful Outlaw
Avasilichioaei Oana Expectations of Chimaera BookThug
Avasilichioaei Oana The Islands Wolsak and Wynn
Avasilichioaei Oana We, Beasts Wolsak and Wynn
Avasilichioaei Oana Wigram Talonbooks
Avasilichioaei Oana Universal Bureau of Copyrights Bookthug
Avasilichioaei Oana Limbinal Talonbooks
Banks Catherine Bone Cage Playwrights Canada
Banks Catherine It Is Solved by Walking Playwrights Canada
Banks Shelley Exile on a Grid Road Thistledown Press
Bannatyne Cugnet Jo From Far and Wide: a Canadian Citizenship Scrapbook Tundra Books
Bannatyne Cugnet Jo Heartland: A Prairie Sampler Tundra Books
Bannatyne Cugnet Jo The Day I Became a Canadian: A Citizenship Scrapbook Tundra Books
Bazylevich Mary  The Winter of the Leechman Thistledown Press
Beach Kimmy Nice Day for Murder: poems for James Cagney Turnstone Press
Beach Kimmy Alarum Within: theatre poems  Turnstone Press
Beach Kimmy fake Paul Turnstone Press
Beach Kimmy in Cars Turnstone Press
Beach Kimmy The Last Temptation of Bond  University of Alberta Press
Beach Kimmy Nuala: A Fable University of Alberta Press
Beirne Gerard The Eskimo in the Net Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd
Beirne Gerard Turtle Oberon Press
Beirne Gerard Charlie Tallulah Oberon Press
Bell Jacqueline Burning For It Rowan Books
Berry Julie  worn thresholds Brick
Berry Julie  the walnut-cracking machine Buschek Books of Ottawa
Besel Donna Lessons From a Nude Man Hagios Press
Besel Donna Love Me True: Writers Reflect on the Ins, Outs, Ups & Downs of Marriage  Caitlin Press
Betker Belinda Phases Coteau Books
Beveridge Cathy Shadows of Disaster Ronsdale Press
Beveridge Cathy Offside Thistledown Press
Beveridge Cathy Chaos in Halifax Ronsdale Press
Beveridge Cathy One on One Thistledown Press
Beveridge Cathy Stormstruck Ronsdale Press
Beveridge Cathy Tragic Links Ronsdale Press
Bitney Kate  Singing Bone The Muses’ Company
Bitney Kate  Firewalk Turnstone Press
Bitney Kate  The Boreal Dragon: Encounters with a Northern Land Wolsak and Wynn
Blake Becky Proof I Was Here Wolsak and Wynn
Blodgett Astrid You Haven’t Changed a Bit University of Alberta Press
Bonny Sandy  The Sometimes Lake Thistledown Press
Bonny Sandy  Yes, and Back Again Thistledown Press
Bonny Sandy Coming Attraction 11 Oberon Press
Borgerson Calder Holly Chickweed Sage Hill
Borsky Mary Influence of the Moon Porcupine’s Quill
Borsky Mary Benny Bensky and the Perogy Palace Tundra Books
Borsky Mary Benny Bensky and the Giant Pumpkin Heist Tundra Books
Borsky Mary The Company We Keep BuschekBooks
Borsky Mary Cobalt Blue Thomas Allen Publishers
Borsky Mary Benny Bensky and the Parrot-Napper Tundra Books
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: The Two Sisters Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: Escape from Susar Isle Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: The Spires of Jorha Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: On Rebel Ground Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: Castle Kerrin Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: The Nueck Tribe Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: Into the Mountains Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: Fight for Freedom Five by Five
Bossard April Legend of the Sky Darts: Caspine’s Choice Five by Five
Bower Annette Woman of Substance Soul Mate Publishing
Bower Annette Moving On Soul Mate Publishing
Bower Annette Fearless Destiny Soul Mate Publishing
Bower Annette Ponytails and Promises Soul Mate Publishing
Boyle Frances Portal Stones Tree Press
Boyle Frances Light-carved Passages BuschekBooks
Boyle Frances Tower Fish Gotta Swim Editions
Boyle Frances The White Nest Quattro Books
Boyle Frances Seeking Shade Porcupine’s Quill
Brandts Wendy Collected Iron Works Rideau Review Press
Brennan Kit  Tiger’s Heart J. Gordon Shillingford
Brennan Kit  The Invisibility of Eileen Playwrights Canada
Brennan Kit  Out on a Limb: Short Plays by New Playwrights Signature Editions
Brennan Kit  One for the Road: New Plays for One Actor Signature Editions
Brennan Kit  Whip Smart: Lola Montez and the Poisoned Nom de Plume Astor and Blue Editions
Brennan Kit  Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards Astor and Blue Editions
Brennan Kit  Whip Smart: Lola Montez Starts a Revolution Astor and Blue Editions
Bryson Michael Only a Lower Paradise and Other Short Stories Boheme Press
Bryson Michael Flight Mercutio Press
Bryson Michael The Lizard and Other Stories Chaudiere Books
Bryson Michael How Many Girlfriends Self-published
Bryson Michael Wandering the Earth: A Selected Stories Sampler ebook
Buchanan Diane  Unruly Angels Frontenac House Press
Burkhart Laura Watermarks Wild Sage Press
Bustin Pam Mostly Happy Thistledown Press
Callen Jane STEL White Wall Review
Callen Jane Grace Exile Editions
Cameron Kat The Eater of Dreams Thistledown Press
Cameron Kat Ghosts Still Linger University of Alberta Press
Campbell Anne Angel Wings All Over Thistledown Press
Campbell Miji Separation Anxiety: A Coming-of-Middle-Age Writenerant Press
Campbell Sandra Getting to Normal Stoddart Press
Campbell Sandra Both Hands: A Life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson Press McGill-Queen’s UP
Campbell Brian Shimmer Report Ekstasis Editions
Canino Frank The Angelina Project: A Play in Two Acts Guernica Editions
Cariou Warren The Exalted Company of Roadside Martyrs Coteau
Cariou Warren Lake of the Prairies:  A Story of Belonging Doubleday Canada
Carter Lauren Following Sea Turnstone Press
Carter Lauren Lichen Bright Your Scrivener Press
Carter Lauren Swarm Brindle & Glass
Carter Lauren This Has Nothing to Do With You Freehand Books
Cassidy Sara Not for Sale Orca Book Publishers
Cassidy Sara Skylark Orca Book Publishers
Cassidy Sara Double Play Lorimer Publishing
Cassidy Sara Seeing Orange Orca Book Publishers
Cassidy Sara Windfall Orca Book Publishers
Cassidy Sara Slick Orca Book Publishers
Cassidy Sara Sardines Greenboathouse Books
Cay Marilyn Pure and Startled Seconds Hag Papers
Cay Marilyn Farm Thistledown Press
Charles Norma Sophie Sea to Sea Dundurn
Charles Norma Runaway Coteau Books
Charles Norma The Accomplice Raincoast Books
Charles Norma Criss Cross, Double Cross Dundurn
Charles Norma Fuzzy Wuzzy The Books Collective
Charles Norma All the Way to Mexico Raincoast Books
Charles Norma Sophie’s Friend in Need Dundurn
Charles Norma Boxcar Kid Dundurn
Charles Norma The Girl in the Backseat Ronsdale Press
Charles Norma Bank Job Orca Book Publishers
Charles Norma Chasing a Star Ronsdale Press
Charles Norma Run Marco Run Orca Book Publishers
Clark Hilary More Light Brick Books
Clark Hilary Two Heavens Hagios Press
Clark Hilary Pliny’s Knicers, Book One  JackPine Press
Clark Hilary The Dwelling of Weather Brick Books
Cognill Veryl Make Me Thistledown Press
Cook Waldron Kathleen Five Stars for Emily Orca Young Readers
Cook Waldron Kathleen Between Shadows Coteau Books
Cookshaw Marlene Lunar Drift Brick Books
Cookshaw Marlene Shameless Brick Books
Cookshaw Marlene Double Somersaults Brick Books
Cookshaw Marlene Coupling Outlaw Editions
Cormie Gloe Sea Salt, Red Oven Mitts and the Blues Augustine Hand Press
Cram Kathy “Roots and Wings” The Society
Cram Kathy “If the Sky Could Dream” Happy Leopard Press
Crate Joan Foreign Homes Brick Books
Crate Joan Suburban Legends Broadview Press
Creelman Libby Walking in Paradise The Porcupine’s Quill
Creelman Libby The Darren Effect Goose Lane
Crooks Sally About Jim and Me: A Love Story Benchmark Press
Currie Robert  The Days Run Away Coteau Books
Currie Robert  Living With the Hawk Thistledown Press
Currie Robert  Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle Köln
Currie Robert  Running in Darkness Gauvin Press
Currie Robert  Teaching Mr. Cutler Coteau Books
Currie Robert  Things You Don’t Forget Coteau Books

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