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Alumni Publications 1997

Jannie Edwards The Possibilities of Thirst Rowan Books
David Elias Places of Grace Coteau Books
Joanna Gerber In the Misleading Absence of Light Coteau Books
Shree Ghatage Awake When All the World is Asleep House of Anansi Press
Walfried Jansen Sharp Edge of North Boreal Publishing
Julie Lawson Goldstone Trilogy        

Emma and the Silk Train

Fizthenry and Whiteside

Kids Can Press

Helen Mourre Landlocked Thistledown Press
Barbara Mulcahy The Man with the Dancing Monkey Wolsak & Wynn
Brenda Niskala Open 24 Hours Broken Jaw
Sheldon Oberman By the Hanukkah Light    

The Always Prayer Shawl

Boyds Mills Press


Darlene Barry Quaife Death Writes Aresenal Pulp Press
Birk Sproxton The Red-Headed Woman with the Black Black Heart Turnstone Press

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