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Alumni Publications 1998

Jacqueline Bell Burning For It Rowan Books
Kate Bitney Singing Bones The Muses’ Company
Kit Brennan Tiger’s Heart J. Gordon Shillingford
Hilary Clark More Light                                      

Two Heavens

Brick Books

Hagios Press

Marlene Cookshaw Coupling Outlaw Editions
Paulette Dubé The Weight of Rocks Black Moss Press
Betty Fitzpatrick Dorion Bay Girl Turtleback Books
Jackie Flanagan Glass Castles Bayeux Arts
Bernice Friesen Sex, Death, and Naked Men Coteau Books
Pam Galloway & Sue Nevill Quintet: Themes and Variations Ekstasis Editions
Susan Andrews Grace Ferry Woman’s History of the World Coteau Books
Louise Halfe Blue Marrow McClelland & Stewart
Jan Homer Elizabeth Went West Turnstone Press
Ken Howe Household Hints for the End of Time Brick Books
Janice Kulyk Keefer Marrying the Sea                              

Kyiv, of Two Lands: New Visions

Honey and Ashes: A Story of Family

Brick Books

Coteau Books

HarperCollins Press

Julie Lawson Midnight in the Mountains  

In Like a Lion

Orca Books

Scholastic Canada

Alison Lohans Getting Rid of Mr. Ribitus Hodgepodge Books
Donna McFarlane Division of Surgery Women’s Press
Heather Menzies Canada in the Global Village McGill-Queen’s University Press
Lynda Monahan A Slow Dance in the Flames Coteau Books
Greg Nelson Spirit Wrestler  

Speak: A Comedy

Coteau Books

Playwrights Canada Press

Sheila Peters Canon Creek: A Script Creekstone Press

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