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Alumni Publications 1999

Martha Attema A Time to Chose Orca Book Publishers
Warren Cariou The Exalted Company of Roadside Martyrs Coteau Books
Norma Charles Sophie Sea to Sea Dundurn
Runaway Coteau Books
Criss Cross, Double Cross Dundurn
Marlene Cookshaw Double Somersaults Brick Books
Robert Currie Things You Don’t Forget Coteau Books
Bernice Friesen The Crying Jesus Thistledown Press
Barbara Klar The Blue Field Stoddard
Treena Kortje Variations of Eve Coteau Books
Allison Kraus Acts of Love: A Memoir Coteau Books
Julie Lawson Bear on the Train Kids Can Press
Alison Lohans No Place for Kids                                                                Roussan Publishers
Skateboard Kids Roussan Publishers
Sundog Rescue Annick Press
Jeanette Lynes Paradise Frost: The Thunder Bay Poetry Renaissance Edgy Writers
Words Out There: Women Poets in Atlantic Canada Roseway
A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway: Poems Wolsak and Wynn
Inglish Prof with Her Head in a Blender Above/Ground Press
Hannah Main-van der Kamp The Parable Boat Wolsak and Wynn
June Mitchell Sleeping with Geraniums: Poems Empty Mirrors Press
Marion Quednau Kissing: Selected Chronicles League of Canadian Poets

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