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Alumni Publications S-U

Schellenberg Angeline Tell Them it Was Mozart Brick Books
Schellenberg Angeline Dented Tubas Kalamalka Press
Schellenberg Angeline Irises Dancing Girl Press
Schellenberg Angeline Blue Moon, Red Herring JackPine Press
Schellenberg Angeline Fields of Light and Stone University of Alberta Press
Schmidt Brenda More Than Three Feet of Ice Thistledown Press
Schmidt Brenda Cantos from Wolverine Creek Hagios Press
Schmidt Brenda Grid Hagios Press
Schmidt Brenda Flight Calls: An Apprentice on the Art of Listening Kalamalka Press
Schofield Holly “Home on the Free Range” Analog
Schofield Holly “Clarity of Signal” Analog
Schofield Holly “Standard Deviant” Lightspeed Magazine
Schofield Holly “Graveyard Shift” Tesseracts
Scofield Holly “Look, Don’t Touch” in Second Contacts Anthology Bundoran Press
Schumacher Rod Habits and Love Insomniac Press
Schumacher Rod Baptism by Mud Kalamalka Press
Sciberras Brenda Starland Turnstone Press
Sciberras Brenda Magpie Days Turnstone Press
Sealy David Stuck with the Queen Playwrights Guild
Sealy David The Bob Shivery Show Playwrights Guild
Sealy David Life’s Like That Playwrights Guild
Sealy David Runaway Barbies Playwrights Guild
Service Dawn The Cabin: A Misanthropic Journal knownothing press
Shillington Joan Revolutions Leaf Press
Shillington Joan Folding the Wilderness Within Frontenac House Press
Shreve Sandy Suddenly, So Much Exile Editions
Shreve Sandy Cedar Cottage Suite Leaf Press
Shreve Sandy Level Crossing Alfred Gustav Press
Shreve Sandy Waiting for the Albatross Oolichan Books
Simmers Bren Night Gears Wolsak and Wynn
Simpson Natalie Thrum Talonbooks
Sorbie Anne Altar Ego: Gender, Property and the Cult of Marriage VDM Verlag
Sorbie Anne Memoir of a Good Death Thistledown Press
Souaid Carolyn Marie Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik Baraka Books
Spenst Kevin Ignite Anvil Press
Spenst Kevin Jabbering With Bing Bong Anvil Press
Spenst Kevin Upend Anvil Press
Sproxton Birk The Red-Headed Woman with the Black Black Heart Turnstone Press
Sproxton Birk Headframe: 2 Turnstone Press
Stewart Sheila The Shape of a Throat Signature Editions
Stewart Sheila The Art of Poetic Inquiry (co-editor) Backalong Books
Stewart Sheila A Hat to Stop a Train Wolsak and Wynn
Stymeist DS The Bone Weir Frontenac House Press
Sutherland Kate Summer Reading Thistledown Press
Sutherland Kate All in Together Girls Thistledown Press
Swanson Ruby A Family Outing Cormorant Books
Sylviss Shirley Model Families Coteau Books
Theis Leona Sightlines Coteau Books
Theis Leona The Art of Salvage Coteau Books
Thomas Joan The Opening Sky McClelland & Stewart
Thomas Joan Curiosity McClelland & Stewart
Thomas Joan Reading by Lightning Goose Lane editions
Tsabari Ayelet The Best Place on Earth HarperCollins
Tsabari Ayelet The Art of Leaving HarperCollins
Tysdale Daniel Scott Mad Fold-In Poems Frog Hollow Press

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