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Alumni Publications P-R

Parkinson Curtis Death in Kingsport Tundra Books
Parkinson Curtis The Castle on Deadman’s Island Tundra Books
Parkinson Curtis Man Overboard! Tundra Books
Pas Lia susurrations Plainclothes Press
Pas Lia Husk JackPine Press
Pas Lia what is this place we have come to Thistledown Press
Pas Lia vicissitudes Underwhich Editions
Pasold Lisa Any Bright Horse Frontenac House
Pasold Lisa Rats of Las Vegas Enfield & Wizenty
Pasold Lisa A Bad Year for Journalists Frontenac House
Pasold Lisa Weave Frontenac House
Pearson Miranda The Fire Extinguisher Oolichan Books
Pearson Miranda Harbour Oolichan Books
Pearson Miranda The Aviary Oolichan Books
Pearson Miranda Prime Dundurn Press
Peerbaye Soraya Poems for the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names Goose Lane
Peerbaye Soraya Tell: poems for a girlhood Peregrine Book
Penne A. S. (Anthea) Reckoning Turnstone Press
Penne A. S. (Anthea) Old Stones Horsdal & Schubart
Penner Christina Widows of Hamilton House Enfield & Wizenty
Peters Sheila Shafted: A Mystery Creekstone Press
Peters Sheila The Taste of Ashes Caitlin Press
Peters Sheila the weather from the west Creekstone Press
Peters Sheila Tending the Remnant Damage Beach Holme
Peters Sheila Canyon Creek: A Script Creekstone Press
Philpott Wendy Breathless Air CBC Radio
Pick Alison Queston and Answer Raincoast Books
Pick Alison The Sweet Edge Raincoast Books
Pick Alison The Dream World McLelland & Stewart
Pick Alison Far to Go House of Anansi Press
Pick Alison Between Gods Doubleday Canada
Pickard Alan Evidence for a Spinning Earth Omakau House
Pope Al Bad Latitudes Turnstone Press
Potvin Liza Wings Unknown
Potvin Liza The Traveller’s Hat Raincoast Books
Powell Marie Hawk Five Rivers
Power Nicholas No Poems Battered Press
Power Nicholas Melancholy Scientist Tekst Press
Press Karen Pale Red Footprints Pedlar Press
Press Karen Spine Gaspereau Press
Press Karen Types of Canadian Women Gaspereau Press
Press Karen Exquisite Monsters Turnstone Press
Quaife Darlene Barry Death Writes Arsenal Pulp Press
Quaife Darlene Barry Polar Circus Turnstone Press
Quaife Darlene Barry Days and Nights on the Amazon Turnstone Press
Quednau Marion The Gift of Odin Annick Press
Quednau Marion Nerves Out Loud Annick Press
Quednau Marion Kissing: Selected Chronicles League of Canadian Poets
Ratzlaff Lloyd Bindy’s Moon Thistledown Press
Ratzlaff Lloyd Backwater Mystic Blues Thistledown Press
Ratzlaff Lloyd Seeing it Through: An Anthology of Writings Read Saskatoon
Ratzlaff Lloyd The Crow Who Tampered with Time Thistledown Press
Redford Jan End of the Rope: Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood Random House
Rees Roberta Long After Fathers Coteau Books
Reiss Murray Cemetery Compost Frontenac House
Reiss Murray The Survival Rate of Butterflies in the Wild Reiss
Rempel Al This Isn’t the Apocalypse I Hoped For Caitlin Press
Rempel Al Four Neat Holes Leaf Press
Rempel Al Undiscovered Country Mother Tongue Publishing
Rice Bruce Descent into Lima Coteau Books
Rice Bruce The Illustrated Statue of Liberty Coteau Books
Rice Bruce  Life in the Canopy Hagios Press
Rice Bruce The Trouble With Beauty Coteau Books
Richler Nancy Your Mouth is Lovely HarperCollins
Richler Nancy The Imposter Bride HarperCollins
Richter Lisa Nautilus and Bone Frontenac House
Rieger Jana A Course in Deception Tellwell
Riess Kelly-Anne I Love Saskatchewan MacIntyrePurcell
Riess Kelly-Anne To End a Conversation Thistledown Press
Riess Kelly-Anne Saskatchewan Book of Everything MacIntyrePurcell
Roach Pierson Ruth Where No Window Was BuschekBooks
Roach Pierson Ruth Aide-Mémoire BuschekBooks
Roach Pierson Ruth Contrary Tightrope Books
Roach Pierson Ruth Realignment Palimpsest Press
Roach Pierson Ruth Till I Caught Myself Seraphim Editions
Roach Pierson Ruth Aperture: Poem for Josef Sudek Rufus Books
Roach Pierson Ruth Untranslatable Thought Anstruther Press
Robinson J. Jill Lovely in Her Bones Arsenal Pulp Press
Robinson J. Jill Eggplant Wife Arsenal Pulp Press
Robinson J. Jill Residual Desire Coteau Books
Robinson J. Jill More in Anger Thomas Allen Publishers

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