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Alumni Publications 2003

Martha Attema Hero Orca Books
Kimmy Beach Alarum Within: Theatre Poems Turnstone Press
Gerard Beirne The Eskimo in the Net Marion Boyars Publishers
Kathy Beveridge Shadows of Disaster                    


Ronsdale Press

Thistledown Press

Norma Charles All the Way to Mexico Raincoast Books
Hilary Clark The Dwelling of Weather Brick Books
Cecelia Frey The Prisoner of Cage Farm University of Calgary Press
W. Mark Giles Knucklehead and Other Stories Anvil Press
Lorri Neilson Glenn All the Perfect Disguises Broken Jaw Press
Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaasen ör Brick Books
Kristen den Hartog The Perpetual Ending Alfred and Knopf Canada
Maureen Harris The World Speaks Junction Books
Carla Hartsfield Your Last Day on Earth Brick Books
Marilyn Iwama Skin Whispers Down Thistledown Press
Julie Lawson Building Bridges                          

Arizona Charlie and the Klondike Kid



Janice Lore Ipsissima Verba Leaf Press
Holly Luhning Sway Thistledown Press
Jeanette Lynes Left Fields: Poems                            

The Aging Cheerleader’s Alphabet: Poems 

Mansfield Press

Wolsak & Wynn

Mary McDonald Another End of the Road Coteau Books
Leo McKay Twenty-Six McClelland & Stewart
Susan McMaster La Deriva del Pianeta/World Shift  Schifanoia Press
Tanis MacDonald Fortune Turnstone Press
Sue MacLeod That Singing You Hear at the Edges Signature Editions
Hilary Martin Solo-Ops Self Published
Lynda Monahan What My Body Knows Coteau Books
Helen Mourre What’s Come Over Her Thistledown Press
Sheldon Oberman The Island of the Minotaur Interlink Pub. Group
Susan Ouriou Damselfish XYZ
Lia Pas What is This Place We Have Come To Thistledown Press
Liza Potvin The Traveller’s Hat Raincoast Books
Alison Pick Question and Answer Raincoast Books
Lloyd Ratzlaff Seeing it Through: An Anthology of Writings Read Saskatoon
Bruce Rice The Illustrated Statue of Liberty Coteau Books
Nancy Richler Your Mouth is Lovely HarperCollins
J. Jill Robinson Residual Desire Coteau Books
Sheila Stewart A Hat to Stop a Train Wolsak and Wynn
Shirley Sylviss Model Families  Coteau Books

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