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Alumni Publications V-X

Van Camp Richard Angel Wing Splash Pattern Kegedonce Press
Van Camp Richard Welcome Song for Baby Orca Book Publishers
Van Camp Richard Path of the Warrior
Van Camp Richard The Moon of Letting Go Enfield & Wizenty
Van Camp Richard Nighty Night
Van Camp Richard Kiss Me Deadly
Van Camp Richard Godless but Loyal to Heaven Enfield & Wizenty
Van Camp Richard Little You Orca Book Publishers
Van Loon Jean Building On River Cormorant Books
Vigna John Bull Head Arsenal Pulp Press
Wagner Bernadette This Hot Place Thistledown Press
Wagner Bernadette The Dry Valley Radiant Press
Wakulich Bob Channeling the Masters Big Pond Rumours Press
Wakulich Bob The Purgatory Donut Shop SmashWords
Wakulich Bob Spiders on an Angel’s Face SmashWords
Wakulich Bob Questionable Parts of Town SmashWords
Wakulich Bob The Correct Way to Walk SmashWords
Wakulich Bob Worry Lines SmashWords
Wakulich Bob The Fluke and Other Dramas SmashWords
Wakulich Bob I’ll Try to Explain: Volume 1 SmashWords
Walker Ruth Living Underground Seraphim Editions
Walker/Scheltema Ruth/Gwynn Inspiration Station Piquant Press
Wall Kathleen “Visible Cities (poems inspired by Veronica Geminder’s urban photographs, with thanks to Don McKay and Ken Babstock)” University of Calgary Press
Whitson Audrey The Death of Annie the Water Witcher by Lightning New West Press
Whitt Laurelyn Adagio Signature Editions

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