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Alumni Publications 2007

Angie Abdou The Bone Cage NeWest Press
Kimmy Beach In Cars Turnstone Press
Mary Borsky Cobalt Blue Thomas Allen Publishers
Wendy Brandts Collective Iron Works Rideau Review Press
Kit Brennan The Invisibility of Eileen Playwrights Canada
Veryl Cognill Make Me Thistledown Press
Paulette Dubé First Mountain Thistledown Press
Bernice Friesen The Book of Beasts Coteau Books
Shree Ghatage Il destino è sveglio mentre il mondo dorme Il Punto d’Incontro
Lorri Neilsen Glenn Combustion                                              Brick Books
Saved String Rubicon Press
Susan Andrews Grace Love and Tribal Basketball BuschekBooks
Louise Halfe The Crooked Good Coteau Books
Maureen Harris The Raven and the Writing Desk Jack Pine Press
Pat Krause Acts of Love: A Memoir Coteau Books
Alison Lohans This Land We Call Home (Nitty Gritty Novel series) Pearson Education
Jeanette Lynes The Crisp Day Closing on my Hand: The Poetry of M. Travis Lane Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Ghost Works: Improvisations in Letters and Poems Jack Pine Press
Neil McArthur David Hume’s Political Theory: Law, Commerce and the Constitution of Government University of Toronto Press
Susan McMaster The Gargoyle’s Left Ear: Writing in Ottawa Black Moss Press
Allison Muri The Enlightenment Cyborg: A History of Communications and Control in the Human Machine, 1660-1830 University of Toronto Press
Curtis Parkinson Death in Kingsport Tundra Books
Ruth Roach Pierson Aide-Mémoire BuschekBooks
Sheila Peters The Weather from the West Creekstone Press
Marion Quednau The Gift of Oden Annick Press
Kelly-Anne Riess Saskatchewan Book of Everything MacIntyrePurcell
Kate Sutherland All in Together Girls Thistledown Press
Richard Van Camp Welcome Song for Baby Orca Books

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