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Alumni Publications D-F

Dahlem Madeleine Marie Old Farts Unknown
Dansereau Virginia Undertow Thistledown Press
Davidson Diana Pilgrimage Brindle & Glass
Dawson Robert “Be Mine Forever” AE
Dawson Robert “The Art of Failure” Compelling SF
Dawson Robert “The White Bear” Tesseracts 20, Edge
Dawson Robert “Sparrowfall” Nature Futures
Dawson Robert “Soup of the Evening” in Alice Unbound Exile Editions
Deliyannides Marika Bitter Lake Porcupine’s Quill
den Hartog Kristen The Girl Giant: A Novel Simon & Schuster
den Hartog Kristen And Me Among Them Broadview Press
den Hartog Kristen The Occupied Garden: A Family Memoir of War-Torn Holland McLelland & Stewart
den Hartog Kristen Origin of Haloes McLelland & Stewart
den Hartog Kristen Water Wings Macadam Cage Publishing
den Hartog Kristen The Perpetual Ending Alfred and Knopf Canada
Ditson Dauna Mae (D.M.) Wide Open Coteau Books
Doherty Susan A Secret Music Cormorant Books
Donaldson Meredith Truth or Consequences Kindle Edition
Donaldson Meredith Dirty Gold Kindle Edition
Donaldson Meredith Streetwalkers Kindle Edition
Donaldson Meredith Woodland Prep: The Mark of the Erling Kindle Edition
Donaldson Meredith The Isles of Flane a Romance of the Inner Hebrides Kindle Edition
Donaldson Meredith in the Days of Columba Kindle Edition
Donawa Wendy The Gorge: A Cartography of Sorrows JackPine Press
Donawa Wendy Thin Air of the Knowable Brick Books
Dubé Paulette The Weight of Rocks Black Moss Press
Dubé Paulette Talon NeWest Press
Dubé Paulette First Mountain Thistledown Press
Dubé Paulette Gaits Thistledown Press
Dunlop Bonnie Carnival Box Thistledown Press
Dunlop Bonnie The Beauty Box Thistledown Press
Dunn Marie The Ladies of Lorton Landing Unknown
Dunn Marie A Thousand Awkward Moments iUniverse
Dunn Marie Twinning a Three-Fold Love: The Father, the Son. . . the Holy Ghost Rosedog Press
Dunn Marie The Ladies of Lorton Landing
Dyke Robin 64 Spurs Bay Tidings Creations
Edwards Jannie The Possibilities of Thirst Rowan Books
Edwards Jannie Blook Opera: The Raven Tango Poems MacEwan Press
Edwards Jannie Falling Blues Frontenac House Press
Elias David Places of Grace Coteau Books
Elias David Sunday Afternoon Coteau Books
Elias David Waiting for Elvis: A Novel Coteau Books
Elias David Henry’s Game: A Novella Hagios Press
Elias David Along the Border: Short Stories by One of Canada’s Good Books
Elias David Noted Writers, Set in a Manitoba Community Near
Ens Sarah The World is Mostly Sky Turnstone Press
Epp Joanne Eigenheim Turnstone Press
Faber Alyda Poisonous If Eaten Raw Goose Lane
Fantetti Eufemia My Father, Fortune-tellers & Me Mother Tongue Publishing
Finlay Triny You don’t want what I’ve got Toronto’s Junction Books
Fizpatrick Dorion Betty Bay Girl Turtleback Books
Fizpatrick Dorion Betty Strike Coteau Books
Fizpatrick Dorion Betty Whose Side are You On? Coteau Books
Flanagan Jackie Glass Castles Bayeux Arts
Flather Patti Map of the Land, Map of the Stars (co-creator) Canadian Theatre Review
Flather Patti Paradise Playwrights Canada Press
Footman Jennifer Gathering Fuel in Vacant Lots Mekler & Deahl Publishers
Footman Jennifer Seed: an Anthology: Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction Bald Eagle Press
Footman Jennifer St. Valentine’s Day Broken Jaw Press
Footman Jennifer An Invisible Accordion: A Canadian Poetry Association Anthology Broken Jaw Press
Footman Jennifer West Lights Hidden Brook Press
Frank Meah Mrs. Frank Anvil Press
Frederickson Rebecca A Secret Envy of the Unsaved Coteau Books
Frey Cecelia Moments of Joy: A Novel Inanna Poetry and Fiction Series
Frey Cecelia A Raw Mix of Carelessness and Longing Brindle & Glass
Frey Cecelia Under Nose Hill Bayeux Arts
Frey Cecelia A Fine Mischief Touchwood Press
Frey Cecelia Reckless Woman Ronsdale Press
Frey Cecelia The Prisoner of Cage Farm University of Calgary Press
Friday Tekeyla Bothers: Powers of the Archangel Michael Balboa Press
Friesen Bernice The Book of Beasts Coteau Books
Friesen Bernice The Crying Jesus Thistledown Press
Friesen Bernice Sex, Death, and Naked Men Coteau Books
Friesen Bernice The Seasons Are Horses Thistledown Press
Friesen Bernice Universal Disorder Freehand Books

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