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Alumni Publications G-I

Galloway Pam Passing Stranger: Poems Brunswick Books
Galloway Pam Parallel Lines Ekstasis Editions
Galloway Pam Quintet: Themes and Variations Ekstasis Editions
Garfinkel Jonathan House of Many Tongues Playwrights Canada Press
Garfinkel Jonathan Ambivalence: Adventures in Israel and Palestine W.W. Norton and Company
Garfinkel Jonathan Glass Psalms Turnstone Press
Garfinkel Jonathan The Trials of John Demjanjuk: A Holocaust Cabaret Playwrights Canada Press
Gasper Larry Princes in Waiting Coteau Books
Geeraert Dustin The Celestial Puppeteer Kindle Edition
Gerber Joanne In the Misleading Absence of Light Coteau Books
Ghaffar Asher Wasps in a Golden Dream Hum a Strange Music ECW
Ghatage Shree Sete Neri Pozza
Ghatage Shree Thirst Doubleday Canada
Ghatage Shree Il destino è sveglio mentre il mondo dorme Il Punto d’Incontro
Ghatage Shree Brahma’s Dream Anchor Canada
Ghatage Shree Awake When All the World is Asleep House of Anansi Press
Giangrande Carole Here Comes the Dreamer Unknown
Giangrande Carole Midsummer: a Novella Inanna Publications
Giangrande Carole A gardener on the moon Quattro Books
Giangrande Carole An Ordinary Star Cormorant Books
Giangrande Carole A Forest Burning Cormorant Books
Giangrande Carole Missing Persons Cormorant Books
Giangrande Carole All That Is Solid Melts Into Air Inanna
Gies Kate “How to Scream Sing” Humber Literary Review
Gies Kate “Kids of 7C” Longlisted for CBC Nonfiction Price
Giles W. Mark Knucklehead and Other Stories Anvil Press
Goel Seema Any Sharp Knife Will Do Dunlop Art Gallery
Goel Seema Flatlanders: Saskatchewan Artists on the Horizon Mendel Art Gallery
Goel Seema Blown Dunlop Art Gallery
Goldring Ann Spitfire Raincoast Books
Goliger Gabriella Girl Unwrapped Arsenal Pulp Press
Gordon Ariel Hump Palimpsest Press
Gordon Ariel Stowaways Palimpsest Press
Gould Nora Selah Brick Books
Greco Heidi Rattlesnake Plantain Anvil Press
Greco Heidi Chickweed Jack Pine Press
Greco Heidi A: Amelia Poems Lipstick Press
Greco Heidi Shrinking Violets Quattro Books
Greenway Eric The Darkness Beneath All Things Hagios Press
Greenwood Catherine The Pearl King and Other Poems Brick Books
Greenwood Catherine The Lost Letters Brick Books
Griebel Rosemary Yes Frontenac House Press
Gruber Adrienne Intertidal Zones Jack Pine Press
Gruber Adrienne Everything Water Cactus Press
Gruber Adrienne Mimic Leaf Press
Gruber Adrienne This is the Nightmare Thistledown Press
Gunvaldsen Klaasen Tonja Clay Birds Coteau Books
Gunvaldsen Klaasen Tonja Ör Brick Books
Haigh Jerry Porcupines to Polar Bears. Adventures of a Wildlife Veterinarian Dragon Hill
Haigh Jerry Of Moose and Men: A Wildlife Vet’s Pursuit of the World’s Largest Deer ECW Press
Haldoupis Nicole Tiny Ruins Radiant Press
Haley Heather The Town Slut’s Daughter Home Sound Publishing
Halfe Louise Bear Bones & Feathers Coteau Books
Halfe Louise Blue Marrow McLelland & Stewart
Halfe Louise Blue Marrow (revised ed.) Coteau Books
Halfe Louise The Crooked Good Coteau Books
Hamon Tracy This is Not Eden Thistledown Press
Hamon Tracy Interruptions in Glass Coteau Books
Hamon Tracy Red Curls Thistledown Press
Hancock Brecken Rose Broom Broom Coach House Books
Hanson Cherie Laying it on the Line Self published
Hanson Cherie Warrior Poets Amazon
Hanson Cherie Erasure Naropa UP
Hanson Cherie Love Poems for the Media Age Ripple Effect Press
Hanson Cherie Blog to Book: Expressions 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Harris Erina The Staghead Spoke Wolsak & Wynn
Harris Maureen Slow Curve Out Pedlar Press
Harris Maureen Poesie da: Drowning Lessons di Maureen Scott Harris Centro Siena-Toronto
Harris Maureen Weathering: a group poem Silver Maple Press
Harris Maureen The Raven and the Writing Desk Jack Pine Press
Harris Maureen Drowning Lessons Pedlar Press
Harris Maureen The World Speaks Junction Books
Hartsfield Carla Your Last Day on Earth Brick Books
Harvey Elaine Encounters on the Front Line: Cambodia: A Memoir Promontory Press
Hegerat Betty Jane Running Toward Home NeWest Press
Hegerat Betty Jane A Crack in the Wall Oolichan Books
Hegerat Betty Jane Delivery Oolichan Books
Hegerat Betty Jane The Boy Oolichan Books
Herriot Trevor The Road is How HarperCollins
Herriot Trevor Grass, Sky, Songs HarperCollins
Herriot Trevor Qu’Appelle: Tales of Two Valleys Mendel Art Gallery
Hill Gerald Hillsdale Books NeWest Press
Hobsbawn-Smith Dee What Can’t Be Undone Thistledown Press
Honnet Jacqueline Limbo Turnstone Press
Horlick Leah Riot Lung Thistledown Press
Horner Jan Enraptured Mothers, Lost Brides Staccato Chapbooks
Horner Jan Elizabeth Went West Turnstone Press
Houle Karen Ballast Poems House of Anansi Press
Houle Karen During Gaspereau Press
Howe Ken Household Hints for the End of Time Brick Books
Howe Ken Cruise Control: A Theogony Nightwood
Howe Ken The Civic-Mindedness of Trees Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd
Hunter Aislinn The World Before Us Hogarth Press
Hunter Aislinn What’s Left of Us Anchor Canada
Hunter Aislinn Stay Anchor Canada
Hunter Aislinn A Peepshow With Views of the Interior: Paratexts Palimpsest Press
Hunter Aislinn The Possible Past Raincoast Books
Hunter Aislinn Into the Early Hours Raincoast Books
Hynes Maureen Harm’s Wway Brick Books
Hynes Maureen Marrow, Willow Pedlar Press
Ito Sally Are You an Echo: The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko Chin Music Press
Ito Sally The Emperor’s Orphans Turnstone Press
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Anne and Henry Simon Pulse
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie 5-7-5 Errand Boy Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Beneath the Soil Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Transpiration Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Killer’s Instinct Leap Books
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie It’s a Blast Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Tasting my Story Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Amelia ‘Xerce’s Duffy Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Cut! To the Chase Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Gotta Jet Alberta Canola Producers
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Spirited Leap Books
Ius (Pseudonym: Dawn Dalton) Dawn Marie Fields of Home Alberta Canola Producers
Iwama Marilyn I Got it From an Elder: Conversations in Healing Language Gaspereau Press
Iwama Marilyn Skin Whispers Down Thistledown Press

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