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Alumni Publications 2008

Oana Avasilichioaei Feria: a Poempark  Wolsak and Wynn
Catherine Banks Bone Cage Playwrights Canada
Mary Borsky Benny Bensky and the Parrot-Napper Tundra Books
Pam Bustin Mostly Happy Thistledown Press
Norma Charles Boxcar Kid                                

The Girl in the Backseat

Dundurn Press

Ronsdale Press

Libby Creelman The Darren Effect Goose Lane
Jo Bannatyne Cugnet The Day I Became a Canadian: A Citizenship Scrapbook Tundra Books
Madeleine Marie Dahlem Old Farts Playwrights Guild of Canada
Marie Dunn Twinning a Three-Fold Love: The Father, the Son…the Holy Ghost   

The Ladies of Lorton Landing

Rosedog Press,

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Program

David Elias Waiting for Elvis: A Novel Coteau Books
Jonathan Garfinkle Ambivalence: Adventures in Israel and Palestine W.W Norton and Company
Asher Ghaffar Wasps in a Golden Dream Hum a Strange Music ECW
Adrienne Gruber Intertidal Zones Jack Pine Press
Maureen Harris Weathering: A Group Poem Silver Maple Press
Kristen den Hartog The Occupied Garden: A Family Memoir of War-Torn Holland McClelland & Stewart
Betty Jane Hegerat A Crack in the Wall Oolichan Books
Karen Houle During Gaspereau Press
Marilyn Iwama I Got it From an Elder: Conversations in Healing Language Gaspereau Press
Barbara Klar Cypress Brick Books
Fiona Lam Double Lives: Writing and Motherhood McGill-Queen’s University Press
Julie Lawson Dear Canada: Where the River Takes Me The Pirates of Captain McKee Scholastic Publishing          Scholastic Publishing
Alison Lohans River Rat (Nitty Gritty Novel Series) Pearson Education
Jeanette Lynes It’s Hard Being Queen: The Dusty Springfield Poems Freehand
Tanis MacDonald Rue the Day Turnstone Press
Marie Mendenhall Missing Children Altitude Press
Isa Millman Prairie Kaddish Coteau Books
Harriet Millstone The Virgin of Small Plains (Contributer) CNIB
Lia Pas Husk Turnstone Press
A.S (Anthea) Penne Reckoning Turnstone Press
Christina Penner Widows of Hamilton House Enfield & Wizenty
Liza Potvin Wings Unknown
Kelly-Anne Riess To End a Conversation Thistledown Press
Brenda Schmidt Cantos from Wolverine Creek Hagios Press
Joan Shillington Revolutions  Leaf Press
Anne Sorbie Altar Ego: Gender, Property and the Cult of Marriage VDM Verlag
Joan Thomas Reading By Lightning Goose Lane Editions

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