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Alumni Publications 2009

Oana Avasilichioaei Handwerk                      

Expectations of Chimera

Beautiful Outlaw


Gerard Beirne Turtle Oberon Press
Cathy Beveridge Tragic Links Ronsdale Press
Michael Bryson The Lizard and Other Stories Chaudiere Books
Norma Charles Bank Job                                      

Run Marco Run            

Chasing a Star

Orca Books

Orca Books

Ronsdale Press

Joan Crate Suburban Legends Broadview Press
Sally Crooks About Jim and Me: A Love Story Benchmark Press
Bonnie Dunlop Carnival Box Thistledown Press
Cecelia Frey A Raw Mix of Carelessness and Longing    

Under Nose Hill

Brindle and Glass

Bayeux Arts

Seema Goel Flatlanders: Saskatchewan Artists on the Horizon Mendel Art Gallery
Heidi Greco A: Amelia Poems Lipstick Press
Betty Jane Hegerat Delivery Oolichan Books
Trevor Herriot Grass, Sky, Songs HarperCollins
Aislinn Hunter A Peepshow with Veins of the Interior: Paratexts Palimpsest Press
Cathy Jewison The Ugly Truck and Dog Contest and Other Tales of Northern Life Borealis Press
Janice Kulyk Keefer The Ladies’ Lending Library  HarperCollins
Fiona Lam Enter the Chrysanthemun Caitlin Press
Julie Lawson Dear Canada: A Christmas to Remember Scholastic Publishing
Alison Lohans Don’t Think Twice Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Jeanette Lyons The Factory Voice                          

The New Blue Distance

Coteau Books

Wolsak and Wynn

JoAnn McCaig Reading In: Alice Munro’s Archives Wilfred Laurier University Press
Susan McMaster Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me Black Moss Press
Heather Menzies Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia, and Coming Home Key Porter Books
Brenda Niskala Of All the Ways to Die Quattro Press
Curtis Parkinson The Castle on Deadman’s Island Tundra Books
Lisa Pasold Rats of Las Vegas Enfield & Wizenty
Miranda Pearson Harbour Oolichan Books
Soraya Peerbaye Poems for the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names Goose Land
Alison Pick The Dream World McClelland & Stewart
Roberta Rees Long After Fathers Coteau Books
Bruce Rice Life in the Canopy Hagios Press
Rod Schumacher Baptism by Mud Kalamalka Press

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