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Alumni Publications 2012

Oana Avasilichioaei We, Beasts Wolsak and Wynn
Catherine Banks It Is Solved by Walking Playwrights Canada
Kate Bitney Firewalk Turnstone Press
Sandy Bonny The Sometimes Lake Thistledown Press
Annette Bowar Woman of Substance Soul Mate Publishing
Kit Brennan One for the Road: New Plays for One Actor Signature Editions
April Bussard Legend of the Sky Darts (series of 9) Five by Five
Sara Cassidy Seeing Orange Orca Books
Meredith Donaldson Truth of Consequences

Dirty Gold


Woodland Prep: The Mark of the Erling In the Days of Columba

The Isles of Flane: A Romance of the Inner Hebrides

Kindle Edition
David Elias Henry’s Game: A Novella Hagios Press
Dustin Geeraert The Celestial Puppeteer Kindle Edition
Shree Ghatage Thirse Doubleday Canada
Cherie Hanson Warrior Poets

Blog to Books: Expressions 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Maureen Haris Slow Curve Out

Poesie da: Drowning Lessons di Maureen Scott Harris

Pedlar Press

Centro Seina – Toronto

Leah Horlick Riot Lung Thistledown Press
Dawn Marie Ius Gotta Jet Alberta Canola Press
Faith Johnston The Only Man in the World Turnstone Press
Fran Kimmel The Shore Girl NeWest Press
Allison Kydd Emily via the Greyhound Bus Thistledown Press
Holly Luhning Quiver HarperCollins
Jeanette Lynes Archives of the Undressed: Poems Wolsak and Wynn
Tannis MacDonald The Daughter’s Way: Canadian

Women’s Paternal Eligies

Wilfred Laurier

University Press

Hannah Main-van der Kamp Slow Sunday on the Malaspina Strait St. Thomas Poetry Series
Harriet Millstone The Long Quiche Goodbye CNIB
Isa Milman Something Small to Carry Home Quattro Books
Kathryn Mockler The Saddest Place of Earth DC Books
Helen Mourre To Everything a Season Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Lisa Pasold Any Bright Horse Frontenac Publishing
Richard Parkinson Man Overboard! Tundra Books
Sheila Peters The Taste of Ashes Caitlin Press
Nancy Richler The Imposter Bride HarperCollins
J. Jill Robinson More in Anger Thomas Allen Publishers
Brenda Schmidt Grid

Flight Calls: An Apprentice on the Art of Listening

Hagios Press

Kalamalka Press

David Sealy Stuck with the Queen Playwrights Guild
Sandi Shreve Level Crossing Alfred Gustav Press
Shiela Stewart The Shape of a Throat

The Art of Poetic Inquiry (co-editor)

Signature Edition

Backalong Books

Richard Van Camp Godless but Loyal to Heaven Enfield & Wizenty
John Vigna Bull Head Arsenal Pulp Press
Margaret Malloch Zielinski Architectural Variations Quillfyre Publishing
Ruth Walker Living Underground Seraphim Editions

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