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Alumni Publications M-O

MacDonald Tanis The Daughter’s Way: Canadian Woman’s Paternal Eligies Wilfred Laurier UP
MacDonald Tanis Rue the Day Turnstone Press
MacDonald Tanis Fortune Turnstone Press
MacLeod Sue That Singing You Hear at the Edges Signature Editions
MacLeod Sue To Find Us: Words and Images of Halifax Halifax Regional Municipality
MacLeod Sue Namesake Pajama Press
MacLeod Alexander Light Lifting Biblioasis Press
Main-van der Kamp Hannah The Parable Boat Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd
Main-van der Kamp Hannah With Averted Vision St. Thomas Poetry Series
Main-van der Kamp Hannah According to Loon Bay St. Thomas Poetry Series
Main-van der Kamp Hannah Slow Sunday on the Malaspina Strait St. Thomas Poetry Series
Malloch Zielinski Margaret Ink Dogs in my Shoes Nose in Book Publishing
Malloch Zielinski Margaret Architectural Variations Quillfyre Publishing
Malloch Zielinski Margaret Above the Hum of Yellow Jackets Bondi Studios
Martin Megan Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed Unknown
Martin Hilary Solo-Ops Self published
Mayer Jeni Suspicion Island Thistledown Press
Mayer Jeni The Mystery of the Missing Will Thistledown Press
McAdam Rhona Ex-ville Oolichan Books
McAdam Rhona Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto Rocky Mountain Books
McArthur Neil (ed) Essays and Treatises on Philosophical Subjects by David Hume Broadview Press
McArthur Neil David Hume’s Political Theory: Law, Commerce, University of Toronto Press
McArthur Neil and the Constitution of Government Unknown
McCaig JoAnn Reading In: Alice Munro’s Archives Wilfred Laurier UP
McCaig JoAnn The Textbook of the Rose Cormorant Books
McCallister Elizabeth Notes from Suburbia Craighleigh Press
McClory Lynn Affective Influence Frog Hollow Press
McCullough Kim Clearwater Coteau Books
McDonald Mary Another end of the road Coteau Books
McFarlane Donna Division of Surgery Women’s Press
McFarlane Judy Writing With Grace A Journey Beyond down Syndrome Douglas & McIntyre
McKay Leo Roll Up the Rim Red Row House
McKay Leo Twenty-six McLelland & Stewart
McKay Leo Like This Astoria
McLaren David [nar-uh-gan-sits] A Rhode Island Thanksgiving Fiddlehead Literary Journal
McMaster Susan La Deriva del Pianeta/World Shift Schifanoia Press
McMaster Susan Until the Light Bends Black Moss Press
McMaster Susan The Gargoyle’s Left Ear: Writing in Ottawa Black Moss Press
McMaster Susan Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me Black Moss Press
McMaster Susan Paper Affair: Poems Selected & New Black Moss Press
Meindl Maria The Work Stonehouse Publishing
Mendenhall Marie Life of a Dragonfly Scholastic Canada
Mendenhall Marie Missing Children Altitude Publishing
Menzies Heather Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia and Coming Home Key Porter Books
Menzies Heather No Time: Stress and the Crisis of Modern Life Douglas and McIntrye
Menzies Heather Canada in the Global Village McGill-Queen’s UP
Millstone Harriet (Contributer) One Good Hustle CNIB
Millstone Harriet (Contributer) The Long Quiche Goodbye CNIB
Millstone Harriet (Contributer) The Virgin of Small Plains CNIB
Millstone Harriet (Contributer) Map of Bones of a Sigma Force Model CNIB
Millstone Harriet (Contributer) Look for Me CNIB
Millstone Harriet (Contributer) Dear Departed CNIB
Milman Isa Between the Doorposts Ekstasis Editions
Milman Isa Prairie Kaddish Coteau Books
Milman Isa Something Small to Carry Home Quattro Books
Minogue Leeann Dry Streak Scirocco Drama
Minogue Leeann Homecoming Scirocco Drama
Misfeldt James A Family Matter
Misfeldt James A Promising Career
Misfeldt James Another Zoo Story
Misfeldt James Birds of Paradise
Misfeldt James Goldie and the Three Bears
Misfeldt James Hearbreak Hotel
Misfeldt James Random Acts
Misfeldt James Star Light, Star Bright
Misfeldt James Swamp Fever
Mitchell June and I think to myself Benchmark Press
Mitchell June Sleeping with Geraniums: poems Empty Mirrors Press
Mockler Kathryn Onion Man  Tightrope Press
Mockler Kathryn The Saddest Place on Earth DC Books
Mockler Kathryn The Purpose Pitch Mansfield Press
Monahan Lynda Anthology: Skating in the Exit Light Pasquia Publishing
Monahan Lynda Untyping the Apron: Anthology Guernica Editions
Monahan Lynda what my body knows Coteau Books
Monahan Lynda a slow dance in the flames Coteau Books
Moore Jessica The Whole Singing Ocean Nightwood Editions
Moore Lisa Degrees of Nakedness Astoria
Moore Lisa Open Astoria
Moore Lisa Alligator House of Anansi Press
Moore Lisa February Chatto & Windus
Moore Lisa Caught House of Anansi Press
Moulden Julia RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 Self published
Mourre Helen To Everything A Season Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing
Mourre Helen What’s Come Over Her Thistledown Press
Mourre Helen Landlocked Thistledown Press
Mulcahy Barbara The Man with the Dancing Monkey Wolsack and Wynn
Munce Alayna When I Was Young and in my Prime Nightwood Editions
Muri Allison The Enlightenment Cyborg: A History of Communications and University of Toronto Press
Muri Allison Control in the Human Machine 1660-1830
Neilsen Emilia Surge Narrows Leaf Press
Neilsen Glenn Lorri Untyping the Apron: Anthology Guernica Editions
Neilsen Glenn Lorri Threading the Light: Explorations in Loss and Poetry Hagios Press
Neilsen Glenn Lorri Lost Gospels Brick Books
Neilsen Glenn Lorri Combustion Brick Books
Neilsen Glenn Lorri Saved String Rubicon Press
Neilsen Glenn Lorri All the Perfect Disguises Broken Jaw Press
Nelson Greg The Fall Playwrights Guild of Canada
Nelson Greg Mick unplugged PGC Play Service
Nelson Greg The File (one act) Playwrights Guild of Canada
Nelson Greg The Seven Dudley Sins CBC Audio
Nelson Greg North Playwrights Union of Canada
Nelson Greg Spirit Wrestler Coteau Books
Nelson Greg Speak: a comedy Playwrights Canada Press
Nevill Sue All You Expect of the Road:Poems by Sue Nevill Dundurn Press
Nevill Sue Quintet: Themes & Variations Ekstasis Editions
Nicholson Wynne Small Gifts Thistledown Press
Niskala Brenda How to Be a River Wild Sage Press
Niskala Brenda For the Love of Strangers Coteau Books
Niskala Brenda Of all the Ways to Die Quattro Press
Niskala Brenda What Butterflies do at Night B-print
Niskala Brenda Emma’s Horizons Hagpapers
Niskala Brenda Open 24 Hours Broken Jaw
Nixon Rosemary Are You Ready to Be Lucky? Broadview Press
Nixon Rosemary Kalila Goose Lane
Nixon Rosemary The Cock’s Egg NeWest
Nixon Rosemary Mostly Country NeWest
Noteboom (Bow) Erin The Scorpion Rules Simon and Schuster
Noteboom (Bow) Erin Sorrow’s Knot Scholastic
Noteboom (Bow) Erin Plain Kate Scholastic
Oberman Sheldon The Island of the Minotaur Interlink Pub. Group
Oberman Sheldon The Wisdom Bird Boyds Mills Press
Oberman Sheldon The Shaman’s Nephew Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Oberman Sheldon By the Hanukkah Light Boyds Mills Press
Oberman Sheldon The Always Prayer Shawl Puffin
Oberman Sheldon This Business with Elijah Turnstone Press
O’Donnell Louise Infinite Horizons Printcraft
O’Donnell Louise Shuffling into Place Blue Heron Arts
Odor Jasmina You Can’t Stay Here Thistledown Press
Ouriou Susan Damselfish XYZ

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