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Alumni Publications 2013

Oana Avasilichioaei Wigrum Talonbooks
Kimmy Beach The Last Temptation of Bond
University of Alberta Press
Gerard Beirne Charlie Tallulah Oberon Press
Kit Bitney The Boreal Dragon: Encounters with a Northern Land
Wolsak and Wynn
Astrid Blogett You Haven’t Changed a Bit
University of Alberta Press
Kit Brennan Whip Smart: Lola Montez and the Poisoned Nom de Plume
Astor and Blue Editions
Sandra Campbell Both Hands: A Life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson Press
McGill-Queen’s University Press
Lauren Carter Swarm
Brindle & Glass
Sara Cassidy Double Play
Lorimer Publishing
Robert Currie Living With the Hawk
Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle
Thistledown Press
Marie Dunn A Thousand Awkward Moments iUniverse
Shree Ghatage Sete Neri Pozza
Lorri Neilson Glenn Untyping the Apron: Anthology
Guernica Editions
Susan Andrews Grace Philosopher at the Skin Edge of Being
Signature Editions
Catherine Greenwood The Lost Letters Brick Books
Ken Howe The Civic-Mindedness of Trees
Wolsak and Wynn
Aislinn Hunter What’s Left of Us
Anchor Canada
Anchor Canada
Fiona Lam The Rainbow Rocket
Oolichan Books
Lindy Ledohowski The Jungle Mungle
The Dragon Mama
The Slither Lizard
The Bog Frog
Self Published
Self Published
Self Published
Self Published
Dawn Marie Ius Killer’s Instinct
It’s a Blast
Tasting My Story
Amelia ‘Xerce’s Duffy Cut! To the Chase
Leap Books
Alberta Canola Producers
Alberta Canola Producers
Sue MacLeod Namesake Pajama Press
Neil McArthur Essays and Treatises on Philosophical Subjects by David Hume
Broadview Press
Elizabeth McCallister Notes from Suburbia
Craighleigh Press
Leo McKay Roll Up the Rim
Red Row House
Harriet Millstone One Good Hustle CNIB
June Mitchell And I Think to Myself
Benchmark Press
Lynda Monahan Anthology: Skating in the Exit Light
Untyping the Apron: Anthology
Pasquia Publishing
Guernica Editions
Lisa Moore Caught
House of Anansi Press
Emilia Nielson Surge Narrows Leaf Press
Brenda Niskala How to Be a River
Wild Sage Press
Rosemary Nixon Are You Ready to Be Lucky?
Broadview Press
Erin Noteboom Sorrow’s Knot Scholastic
Murray Reiss The Survival Rate of Butterflies in the Wild Hagios Press
David Sealy The Bob Shivery Show
Life’s Like That
Playwrights Guild
Playwrights Guild
Richard Van Camp Little You Orca Books
Anne Lazurko Dollybird Coteau Books
Kim McCullough Clearwater Coteau Books
Ayelet Tsabari The Best Place on Earth HarperCollins
Al Rempel This Isn’t the Apocalypse I Hoped For Caitlin Press
Jane Callen STEL
White Wall Review
Diana Davidson Pilgrimage
Brindle & Glass

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