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Alumni Publications 2015

Oana Avasilichioaei Limbinal Talonbooks
Shelly Banks Exile on a Grid Road Thistledown Press
Sandy Bonny Yes, and Back Again Thistledown Press
Miji Campbell Seperation Anxiety: A Coming-of-Middle-Age Writenerant Press
Sara Cassidy Not for Sale Orca Books
Kathleen Cook Waldron Between Shadows Coteau Books
Robert Currie The Days Run Away Coteau Books
Susan Doherty A Secret Music Cormorant Books
Cecelia Frey Moments of Joy: A Novel Inanna Poetry and Fiction Series
Carole Giangrande Here Comes the Dreamer Inanna Publications
Gerald Hill Hillsdale Book NeWest Press
Dee Hobsbawn-Smith What Can’t Be Undone Thistledown Press
Aislinn Hunter The World Before Us Hogarth Press
Dawn Marie Ius Anna and Henry Simon Pulse
Julie Lawson A Morning to Polish and Keep Red Deer Press
Joanna Lilley The Birthday Books Hagios Press
Kathryn Mockler The Purpose Pitch Mansfield Press
Erin Noteboom The Scorpion Rules Simon and Schuster
Miranda Pearson The Fire Extinguisher Oolichan Books
Soraya Peerbaye Tell Peregrine Books
Ruth Roach Pierson Realignment Palimpsest Books
Marie Powell Hawk Five Rivers
Karen Press Exquisite Monsters Turnstone Press
Lloyd Ratzlaff Bindy’s Moon
Backwater Mystic Blues
Thistledown Press
Thistledown Press
Sandy Shreve Waiting for the Albatross Oolichan Books
Kevin Spenst Jabbering With Bing Bong Anvil Press
Madhur Anand A New Index for Predicting Catasrophes McClelland and Stewart
Donna Besel Lessons From a Nude Man Hagios Press
Brian Campbell Shimmer Report Ekstasis Editions
David McLaren [nar-uh-gan-sits] A Rhode Island Thanksgiving Fiddlehead Literary Journal

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