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Alumni Publications 2016


Annette Bower Fearless Destiny Soul Mate Publishing
Nora Gould Selah Brick Books
Jasmina Odor You Can’t Stay Here Thistledown Press
Murray Reiss Cemetery Compost Frontenac House
Kevin Spenst Ignite Anvil Press
Wendy Donawa The Gorge: A Cartography of Sorrows JackPine Press
DS Stymeist The Bone Weir Frontenac House Press
Angeline Schellenberg Tell Them it Was Mozart Brick Books
Sally Ito Are You an Echo: The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko Chin Music Press
Ruth Roach Pierson Untranslatable Thought Anstruther Press
Al Rempel Four Neat Holes Leaf Press

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