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Digital Storytelling


Sage Hill Writing is continuing its partnership with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity (ICCC, University of Saskatchewan) to offer a course in a genre that is unique to Sage Hill: digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is an emerging format where stories are told through interactive scenarios, social computing, hypertexts, narrative computer games, digital films, or any of a number of multimedia formats. The projects will make use of tools such as digital cameras and sound recorders, video, sound, images, html, social media such as Twitter, YouTube, podcast, blogs, fan art/fiction, and narrative computer games, etc.

Six writers and six digital media students at the University of Saskatchewan will work with new media artist Ellen Moffat, with assistance from new media professor, Allison Muri, and Sage Hill Executive Director, Philip Adams, to create narratives in a digital format. Together participants will develop storytelling techniques and learn how to employ them through digital technologies, and they will gain a deeper sense of how new media affects ideas of narrative and storytelling.


More on digital cultural and media from the ICCC available here.


Ellen Moffatwith Ellen Moffat

Ellen Moffat is a media artist whose work with sound, image and text is an open inquiry into space, relations, composition and perception. Since 2002, she has worked with deconstructed spoken word and field recordings in installations of up to 24-channels of sound. Her present work explores methods and strategies for sound making using objects, structures, materials, actions and interactions with live and recorded sound elements in independent, collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. She is a member of Tracing the City, an interdisciplinary SSHRC-Research and Creation project (2011-2014), and a Professional Affiliate with the Graduate Studies and Research Department, U of S. Her work has been presented throughout Canada and internationally including Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Venice and New York. Born in Toronto, she lives in Saskatoon.


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