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Playwriting Workshop


Instructed by Catherine Banks

Sage Hill must find a program sponsor in order to offer the 2018 Playwriting Workshop.

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This is a facilitated retreat for six playwrights who have acquired and moved beyond basic skills in playwriting, who have had works produced, and who wish further development. The Playwriting Workshop will focus on works in progress and will combine group discussion, writing time, and individual critiques. There will be writing time, but please note that group participation is required. Instruction occurs within a deep-immersion setting over a relaxed 10 days. Workshops and colloquium in other genres occur simultaneously on-site. Application is open to writers 19 years of age and older from Canada and abroad.


From Character to Revolution

First Character, then the Question(s) and finally the Revolution.

Maria Irene Fornes wrote, “…in the beginning all the playwright has is something to be discovered.” No matter if you are writing your very first play or you have written many plays every time it begins with a need discover something.

What is to be discovered starts with a character, out of the character questions and actions arise which dictate the structure of the play, and finally the playwright and audience are left with a new and deeper way of thinking about life, sparking a revolution for change. In the spirit that the playwright is the Master of the Universe of the play she/he is creating, we will use these components to deepen the work.

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catherineheadshotbwCatherine Banks  Plays by Catherine Banks have been performed across Canada and include: Miss N’ Me; It Is Solved By Walking; Bone Cage; Three Storey, Ocean View; and Bitter Rose, which aired on Bravo! Canada. Her work is poetic, darkly humorous, courageous, and beautifully theatrical, and her characters—Lud in Three Storey, Ocean View and Clarence in Bone Cage—have been described as Atlantic Gothic. Bone Cage premiered in 2007, and went on to win the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama in 2008. It Is Solved By Walking won the Governor General’s Literary Award in 2012, was translated into Catalan by Tant per Tant, and was one of three Canadian plays to tour Catalonia in 2012. Catherine received Nova Scotia’s Established Artist Award for her body of work in 2008. Her newest play, Miss N’ Me, is about a small-town hairdresser who steals her husband’s plumbing van to drive to New York to meet the American rapper Missy Elliot. Catherine is currently adapting Ernest Buckler’s novel The Mountain and the Valley for the stage. Catherine holds the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary) from Mount St. Vincent University.

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