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For over two decades the Sage Hill Writing Experience has offered writers, both advanced and relatively inexperienced, the opportunity to develop their craft and to complete a body of work. No amount of sophisticated electronic communication can match the unique experience of living and breathing the author’s life for a week or two in a colony of writers and mentors. Sage Hill has provided this intense authorial experience both in its summer program and its Spring Colloquium, and the published work that has come out of these workshops is impressive. Many nationally recognized authors can point to the Sage Hill Writing Experience as the place where they truly became writers.


Grants from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council for the Arts, and support from other organizations, has permitted Sage Hill to offer a wide arrange of programs taught by some of Canada’s most distinguished writers. Such funding, however, is not guaranteed; changing funding criteria or declining governmental revenues could bring about a reduction in support. Thus it is essential that Sage Hill be given as much financial support as possible from private and corporate donors. This is the only way to ensure that Sage Hill will be able to provide its unique writing experience.


Here are a few methods by which you can donate to Sage Hill:



Contact the Sage Hill office to devise a scholarship that meets your criteria.



At any given time, Sage Hill has a number of priority projects or campaigns that donors are encouraged to support. Money donated to Sage Hill’s Annual Fund Campaign supports various administrative costs and other general expenses.



Sizable donations can be directed to a particular Sage Hill program or for its general revenue. Contact the Sage Hill office to specify the way in which you prefer your donation to be used.



A bequest in your Will can be accomplished by leaving Sage Hill a specific dollar amount, or by setting up, in Sage Hill`s name, an endowment fund. In an endowment fund, the capital amount of the bequest remains intact and the interest realized each year is disbursed according to your criteria.

If you decide to name Sage Hill as a beneficiary, some of the capital which you have accumulated over your lifetime will live on in the writing experience you help to provide at Sage Hill. If you already have a will, such a bequest can be indicated in a simple hand-written codicil (amendment) to your will. Such bequests are considered charitable donations, thus providing tax savings to the remainder of your estate.

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