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Sage Hill Alumni Publications

Over nine-hundred talented writers have emerged from Sage Hill, and countless manuscripts have been revised and refined through Sage Hill’s programming.  The value of Sage Hill’s programs is exemplified by the many published works that offer acknowledgement to Sage Hill Writing, and by the related professional literary accomplishments of Sage Hill alumni, who have published widely in North America in both journal and book form. Over six-hundred of books have been published as a result of writers attending Sage Hill programs.

Congratulations to Sage Hill alumni on their literary accomplishments!

Sage Hill Alumni whose publications are not listed here can contact to have their publications listed.

Alumni publications by year:

2019               2018               2017               2016              2015

2014               2013               2012               2011              2010  

2009               2008               2007               2006              2005

2004               2003               2002               2001              2000 

1999               1998               1997               1996              1995 

1994               1993               1992               1991              1990


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