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Class meetings will be held on Zoom. Zoom is pretty user-friendly, but in case you’re experiencing difficulties and don’t know what to do, this page is here to help.

Online Workshop Delivery via Zoom

When you join your first Zoom meeting, the app will likely download for you, but it is best to be prepared by installing the app in advance. It is also available for download at

When you click on a meeting link, you should be automatically connected to the session. If a meeting link isn’t working, you can enter the Meeting ID and Password manually to join the session. Use the Zoom app or go to to enter a Meeting ID.

Meeting links and access codes will be sent out by your instructor or Sage Hill Staff. Your instructor(s) will be in touch with you directly regarding details of your meeting schedule.

Necessary Equipment

Please check your Wi-Fi connection and computer equipment before the course begins to make sure any necessary system updates are done ahead of time.

Ideally, you will be using a computer with a webcam and microphone. The webcam and microphone can be built into your computer or external to the computer.

It is possible to dial in to a Zoom meeting by phone if you don’t have internet and/or don’t have speakers and a microphone, are having trouble with Wi-Fi, or have a power outage. This will allow you to hear and speak to your teacher and classmates, but you won’t be able to see them.

Phone numbers for calling in will be included with the meeting invitation. Find the phone number here: to access your Zoom classroom by phone. More information on joining a meeting by phone. 

You might choose to use your phone as a substitute for a microphone and speakers, while also having the Zoom meeting open on your computer to see the video. If you do this, you will need to mute your computer’s speakers and Zoom session microphone, so that you don’t create a disruptive “sound loop” between your phone and computer. 


If you have trouble hearing or lose connectivity during a session, it can be helpful to leave the session and sign back in. This sometimes resolves the issue. If you continue to have trouble, check your wi-fi connection. Rebooting your router may help.

If the Zoom session is lagging or slow, try closing certain applications that you do not need during the meeting. Having too many things open can cause Zoom to slow down significantly. 

To ensure that you can be heard when needed, make sure that you are not muted. To mute and unmute yourself, go to the menu on the bottom of the screen and click the microphone icon. It is a good idea to be muted when you are not speaking so that there is no background noise being picked up by your microphone. If you are having issues with your audio.

If nobody can see you, and you would like to be seen, make sure that your camera is turned on. Go to the menu and find the camera icon, click it once to enable/disable your camera. If your camera does not turn on at the click of the camera icon, click here.

If you cannot join the class, check your internet connection, and try the link we have sent you again.

If you are having difficulties with your internet connection, try some of these tips.


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